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Spades: Connecting Women Entrepreneurs One Game at a Time

How women entrepreneurs are building networks over a classic card game

Spades is a game that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. But did you know playing Spades is helping prepare entrepreneurs for business success? This may explain why the resurgence of the beloved game is attracting so many women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

According to statistics, 42% of small businesses were owned by women in 2022 and the number is growing in 2023. With more access to new technologies and social media, entrepreneurs are connecting in fun and innovative ways to make business connections, reach new customers and build strong networks within their communities.

Local social gatherings called "Spades Socials" are popping up in cities teaching women entrepreneurs the fundamentals of the game while sharing business advice and making deals. "It's a fun way to network without the pressure of networking", says Shenna Jones, CEO of Confident Curvy Consulting in Raleigh, NC. "I love the game and played a lot in college. It's a great ice breaker to let your hair down and connect on a personal level."

Spades socials are not your typical spades tournament. Actually they're not tournaments at all. Guests are invited to attend after registering online. All attendees are required to play as single players and are ask to share their business and the biggest challenge their facing. In many instances the social chatter creates a think tank to share insights and offer guidance on ways to succeed.

"There are tangible soft skills players learn from Spades that translates to business and life", says Mr Leroy, Founder of PremiumSpades. "Just as in business, the object of the game is not only to win, but to build strong partnerships and maintain a competitive advantage over your opponent."

While playing, guests learn and practice skills like non-verbal communication, confidence, decisiveness and performing under pressure. Although prizes are awarded to winners (donated gifts and services from local business owners) players leave with more than just bragging rights but with a sense of community and inspiration to pursue their life's dream.

To find a Spades Social in your city, visit for locations, registration and details.

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