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Spades Brand releases limited-edition playing cards to celebrate Caribbean Music, Culture in America

Limited collection feature exclusive SoundCloud playlists showcasing independent African and Afro-Caribbean artists and DJs

RALEIGH, NC, July 25 2023 -- Spades Brand, the dedicated-game division of the newly-formed American Gaming Group is proud to announce the launch of a collection of premium playing cards celebrating African and Afro-Caribbean music and playing card culture.

“Growing up in New York, the best thing about summertime was the Caribbean Day Celebration and parade” says Mr. Leroy, CEO of Spades Brand Gaming. “I remember the people, the music, the energy. It was electric! We wanted to celebrate that energy this summer with music and card culture and showcase a new generation of artists and DJs to America."

The limited-edition collection honors the African and Afro-Caribbean experience and the impact and influence on American culture. The premium playing cards feature the solid primary colors of African and Caribbean country flags in a limited-edition flag box. Each card box will feature a scan code to download an exclusive playlists of new independent and emerging artists and DJ’s from the likes of Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, Bahamas and Barbados.

The limited-edition Flag Card Decks are exclusively available on starting at $25 USD.

About Spades Brand Gaming Spades Brand Gaming is an interactive playing card company dedicated to the exciting card game of Spades. Spades Brand designs and manufactures high-quality playing cards, gaming and tournament materials along with exclusive events through the PremiumSpades Live Event division. For more information, visit

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