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Fashion shops are diversifying to dedicated gaming products and increasing profits

Playing cards are no longer just for casinos and magicians...and local clothing shops are taking notice. Over the years, the playing card market has broaden from unique artisan designs to dedicated game cards…and so has the typical playing card customer. Gone are the days when playing cards were only for card sharks, three-card monty hustlers and deployed soldiers. Playing cards have made a comeback into American style at homes, dinner parties, social events and even night clubs.

Its no coincidence, clothing stores see increases in foot traffic (14% - Thursdays; 17% - Fridays; 18% - Saturdays) when customers are at their most social or communal (with Sunday traffic steadily rising). Adding gaming products to your merchandise inventory offers an attractive impulse product aligned with your customers' individual style, culture and social lifestyle.

Traditionally, clothing shops offered complimentary products like jewelry, hats, scarves, etc, but what about complimenting the anticipated social experience? For brick and mortar clothing shops, diversifying your store merchandise into social gaming products can:

  1. Be a profitable and strategic cross-merchandising move

  2. Drive more attention to your core merchandise offerings

  3. Enhances the shopping experience with a mix of interactive and mobile-access game products

And as mobile gaming continues to innovate home and family entertainment, its also contributes to the resurgence of beloved physical card games like Spades. Clothing shops reap the benefits in:

  1. Additional sales, generating an average of $500 per month*

  2. Increase foot traffic from returning local customers*

  3. New customers and expanded awareness of core merchandise offerings

"We were looking for a new product that would help us rebound from lost business during the pandemic" says Wendallyn Harris, owner of Wendy's Urban Fashions in Paterson, NJ. "Spades Brand understood our local community and customers to help us fill in those gaps."

Social media and social engagement continue to influence fashion and lifestyles. Customers look to local retail shops to provide a unique and personalized experience with products that compliment social interests. As communities become more diverse, their likes and interests expand to different cultures, sub-cultures, global customs and tradition.

Expanding your merchandise to offer gaming products to your customers is a win-win with plenty of opportunity to grow foot traffic and sales to your shop.

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